Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing with Dr Tim Stevenson

Dr Tim Stevenson has worked in aviation for 20 years having been company Medical Adviser to Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd and EasyJet.

Tim is an Aviation Medical Examiner and is approved to carry out Class 1 and Class 3 (ATCO) renewal and re-validation medicals at his Southwick Consulting Rooms.

Please note Tim is not able to carry out initial medicals or Class one or Class 3 (ATCO) as these must be carried out at an aeromedical centre. To find out more please click here.

He is approved to carry out Class 2 initial and renewal or re validation medicals.

For information on the medical requirements for Private Pilots please see the CAA website.

Tim has also extensive experience in carrying out Medicals for new or existing cabin crew.  For the relevant medical requirements for cabin crew, please click here.

For availability and prices for all medicals please contact [email protected] or telephone us on 01273593344.