Helping you to Achieve Optimal Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

If you are a business owner or manager the responsibility for Health and Wellbeing in the workplace falls on your shoulders. Situations sometimes arise where you have to make complex personnel decisions that directly relate to the Health and Wellbeing of an individual and your workforce as a whole.

For this reason the Healthy Company has included an advice section, so that employers can find the information they need to support decisions about issues of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.

This resource is constantly growing, so it is well worth revisiting us or book-marking us, so you are kept up-to-date with information and advice. If the issue you need assistance with is not covered please Contact Us.

Advice for Employers

General Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is the investigation carried out by an employer to review their own company processes, products and personnel involved in the day to day running of the business to identify:

  • what potential hazards are inherent in the processes
  • who might be harmed by those hazards
  • how they might come to be harmed
  • and to quantify the risk and consequences of the problem occurring
  • the steps to remove or minimise risk
  • what can be done to prevent the problem or to minimise the impact on the individual if it were to occur
  • and record the assessment as it is a legal requirement to carry out this process and thereafter implement any recommendations
  • and to periodically review the whole risk assessment

In the above process some risks become obvious such as musculoskeletal issues in manual roles, or hearing problems in noisy industries, however others may be less apparent for example stress within the workplace. These are just as important with regard to the impact on the individual and the company as a whole.

At The Healthy Company we recognise each company is individual and the types, magnitudes and consequences of the risks are totally dependent on how the company operates and their specific industry sector. Our extensive experience can assist you with this process.

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Health Surveillance

In some instances health surveillance may be mandatory as it relates specifically to potential risks in the workplace and job roles being carried out by employees. This might include lung-function, eyesight or hearing tests. In other workplaces, identifying and understanding issues early will allow you to provide support and make reasonable adjustments for employees with health issues. This creates a healthy workplace environment that is good for the individual and the business.

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Tackling Stress in the Workplace

is now known to contribute significantly to lost productivity within the workplace. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence estimated that 13.7million working days were lost each year due to work-related mental health conditions including stress, depression, and anxiety, currently estimated to cost UK employers about £28.3 billion per year.

In November 2009, NICE also published new guidance for employers about how to improve mental wellbeing promotion. The guidance included information on how to prevent stress and identify problems early, estimating that savings to a 1,000-employee business could be up to £250,000 per year in reduced absence levels and increased productivity.

Because of this we believe all employers should have stress management protocols in place. To assist you with this The Healthy Company provides a number of services aimed at assessing the levels of stress apparent in your workplace and providing interventions that can reduce the impact and harmful effects of stress.

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Health Promotion

Being healthy can be difficult. For individuals it is sometimes a challenge to find the motivation to change or to decide where and how to start. Having some clear health promotion advice available at work provides information to help make clear decisions about how to get healthy. Health promotion campaigns can also serve to unite groups of people towards a common goal.

Do you have a clear health promotion strategy in place at work?

If not, we can provide you with the help and advice necessary to get your first health promotion campaign up and running.

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Flexible and Home Working

New technology and new working practices have increased the number of employees involved in flexible and home working. The health and wellbeing impacts for this employee group mean that they are not always exposed to the same levels of workplace health & safety. As an example some businesses do not even carry out basic home working risk assessments resulting in a greater risk of litigation.

Other companies work hard to create healthy workplace environments by providing access to health promotion materials, exercise facilities and healthy snacking options. However, when someone works from home these support functions are not necessarily available and so unhealthy habits may remain or can develop.

Using the very technology that has enabled the adoption of this flexible working can now also assist to proactively engage these individuals in health promotion activities by using online conferencing and information portals.

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