Helping you to Create a Healthy Workplace

The Healthy Company has a national network of Occupational Health Professionals providing Health and Wellbeing Services to businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to provide Health and Wellbeing solutions that are tailored to your business. You may not be aware but in the UK, employers pay £9 billion a year in sick pay and associated costs, plus the indirect costs of managing business while people are off sick (Health at Work - DWP Review Nov 2011). We offer a variety of services ranging from Pre Placement Online Health Questionnaires to Onsite services such as Health and Wellbeing days.

On-Site Services

Our expert team of Occupational Health Physicians and Advisors deliver a number of services to staff on-site at their place of work.

Off-Site Services

When needed, your staff can visit one of our Health & Wellbeing Centres for access to medical or psychological support delivered by expert Healthcare Professionals in a confidential clinical environment.

  • Occupational Physiotherapy and Osteopathy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Executive Health Screening
  • Sickness Absence & Return to Work
  • Ill Health Retirement
  • Functional Restoration Programmes
  • Stress Management

Vaccination Services for You and Your Business

We can provide corporate discounts to companies that require vaccinations to enable their staff to fulfil their jobs. This means that we can provide vaccination services for companies who have frequent travellers, business's that wish to provide Flu Vaccinations to reduce staff sickness and to those that require all employees to have had standard vaccinations. For more information please visit our Vaccination and Travel Services page.

To make an Occupational Health Enquiry

If you would like to make an Occupational Health Enquiry please feel free to Contact Us directly or complete the form below and email to

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Employment Questionnaires
Employment Questionnaires

Employment Questionnaires

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