Placement Questionnaires

Evaluating the Health and Wellbeing of your Team

The Healthy Company provides businesses with the ability to conduct comprehensive pre-placement and in-placement health surveillance using a simple online tool.

We currently offer the following on-line questionnaires:

  • Fitness to Work and Pre-Placement
  • Night Worker
  • Food Handlers

If you would like to tailor a questionnaire specifically for your business please give us a call to discuss your questionnaire needs.

Many businesses do not undertake role specific pre-placement health surveillance, however the benefits are clear. Enquiring about the Health and Wellbeing of job applicants under offer helps businesses to identify issues and support staff, minimising the risk of sickness absence and ensuring compliance to relevant health and safety legislation.

The Healthy Company Placement Questionnaires are affordable and simple to use.

We currently only offer this online service to our customers who have an account with us. Companies are invoiced for each questionnaire returned and our Occupational Health Advisors will contact you directly if we feel a respondent should be referred for further investigation.

If you have contacted us previosuly and have now been instructed to complete the set-up of your online portal, please click on the link below.

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