Osteopathy Treatment


Osteopathy works through the body's muscles and joints and nerves to relieve symptoms in the body as a whole and it is mainly used to provide relief for spinal and joint pain and stiffness. However, osteopaths also believe that the body will not function to its best ability if its structure is compromised in some way and osteopathic treatment can optimise your health. We treat a wide variety of conditions (see conditions we treat), and we are happy to treat people of all ages.

Most people can benefit from Osteopathy. In particular: the young, the elderly, sports men and women, manual workers, office professionals and pregnant women.

Our Commitment to you

Treatment within three working days, often on the same day.
The highest ethical and professional standards.
Osteopaths registered with the General Osteopathic Council.
Practitioners will attend on-going continuous professional development.
Choice of male or female practitioner.
Reasonable treatment charges (£40 new patient for 45 minutes, £35 for follow up appointments for 30 minutes)
No unnecessary investigations or appointments.
Home visits available.

 Conditions we treat

 Osteopaths are best known for treating spinal pain - perhaps because we are very good at it! At this practice we use traditional osteopathic treatment, which has the greatest amount of evidence to back its efficacy.

However we treat a much broader range of conditions, some of which are listed below. Osteopathy is particularly useful in pregnancy, when strong medication for pain is contra- indicated, and in patients who want to get to the root of their long term pain, rather than use a "sticking plaster" painkiller.

We try and work holistically, taking your posture, occupation, your responsibilities, level of fitness and general health, psychosocial factors and diet into account. Of course, problems in one area can often cause pain in another. Back problems can cause sciatica and flat feet can cause knee problems for example.

At Manor Farm we work alongside Physiotherapists and a Podiatrist, so if we feel another discipline would suit you better, referral is easy.

If you feel unsure whether osteopathy is likely to be able to help your condition, you are welcome to attend for a 10 minute free chat without obligation