Workplace Occupational Health Services

The Healthy Company provides  workplace Occupational Health Services through our experienced team of Occupational Health Physicians and Advisors. We provide flexible and appropriately targeted medical support for businesses of all sizes, in many business sectors.

We will tailor a proactive and efficient Occupational Health Service to meet the needs of any organisation's Occupational Health and Wellbeing strategy. Matching the employee to the task (and vice versa), by promoting the health and well being of your workforce, and by identifying, monitoring and intervening where health risks are present helps build a healthy, happy, safe and resilient workforce who can deliver healthy profits for the company.

The service allows employers and individuals to access appropriate advice on all workplace health issues.

Our team of occupational health professionals are available to visit your business or provide offsite advice and services.

Some of the services provided by are:

  • Occupational Health Physician/Advisor Consultations
  • Sickness absence and return to work medicals
  • Job Role Specific Medicals, for example: driver, forklift truck, seafarer, professional diver and aviation medicals
  • Ill health retirement assessments
  • Health promotional activities including Psychological wellbeing
  • Health screening
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Counselling)
  • Occupational Physiotherapy and Ergonomics
  • Work Station Assessments
  • Blood and Urine Analysis
  • Vision Screening
  • Health Surveillance including: hearing testing (Audiology), lung function testing and skin assessment

The Healthy Company is located in Southwick at The Manor Farm House, 20 Southwick Street, BN42 4TB, Tel: 01273 593344

To request more information about the full range of occupational health services that can be delivered at your place of work, please call 01273 593344 or e-mail us

Additional services and information that The Healthy Company provides include Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Health Screens & Medicals and Vaccination Services. Please click on the links to the left for further information