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Sports medicine Equipment, supplies and Kits

No matter how big the sports team or how small the club it is essential that the basics are done well.

In sports at all levels having passionate and caring people, being well trained, armed with the appropriate equipment and supplies can give their team members the best chance of having timely and effective treatment in first aid scenarios.

First aiders should have the knowledge skills and materials to preserve life, prevent deterioration or indeed exacerbation of the injury and to facilitate timely access to appropriate professional care.

Dr Tim’s choice of first aid kits and supplies has been shaped over many years’ experience on the field and Vivomeds amazing contracts over the years which have honed it to be one of the leading sports first aid providers .

A well stocked Treatment Room is essential for a Sports Physio or Team Doctor to provide a professional service when treating or preventing sports injuries.


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March 25, 2019 by Tim Stevenson   Categories: Products Sports Medicine Equipment