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Health & Wellbeing

Thank you for visiting our website where I hope that you will find the answers to some of your medical queries and where I hope that you will find some interesting perspectives on health and wellbeing.
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Coronavirus Pandemic – Dr Tim Stevenson

A short introduction to The Healthy Company

Education -  12 September 2019

Laura Stevenson

How do teachers deal with the pressures of their jobs? It was lovely to get my daughter Laura on to my show.  She’s a busy teacher in a primary school and together we discussed how she ...

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Aviation -  19 August 2019

Captain Chris Hall

In this podcast it was my pleasure to be inhealthycompany with Captain Chris Hall, with whom I have shared flights, 3rd class Indian rail journeys, long hot dusty  coach journeys as well as many hours ...

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Football -  10 June 2019

Interview with Robbie Savage

Robbie Savage was a football player who polarised opinion. He was (and maybe still is for some) a marmite man. People either loved him or loved to hate him. He had a combative style on the ...

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