Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing with Dr Tim Stevenson

An Indian perspective

In this show I am inhealthycompany with Nitin Shahane and Ashok Kumar from Unwind India.

I had just completed a 250km cycle ride through Kerala on a very basic bike and took the opportunity to chat to Ashok and Nitin about the importance of enjoying the journey in life.

With apologies to Wordsworth…

“Dull would he be of soul who could pass by , sights, sounds, and smells so touching in their majesty”.

The ultimate destination of the cycle trip was The Hope Community Village in Kerala, a local charity helping children in need to build their lives again, where I was part of a group from Virgin Atlantic who donated their bikes to the community.

I was certainly in tears as I saw the great work and passion of the charity and the happiness in the children’s faces




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