Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing with Dr Tim Stevenson

In this podcast it was my pleasure to be inhealthycompany with Captain Chris Hall, with whom I have shared flights, 3rd class Indian rail journeys, long hot dusty  coach journeys as well as many hours cycling, walking, camping, sailing, and of course eating and drinking.

I thought the story of Chris’ parents fight against apartheid and his upbringing as a refugee helped show how such an interesting guy’s values and mental wellbeing are shaped not only by  nature  and nurture but also by taking personal responsibility for ones own health and wellbeing.

His passion for having fun while doing good while helping others achieve their own goals and overcome challenges comes across in the interview.

I wanted to share this interview as it not only touches on personal enrichment through charity work,  but also the contribution of social health and community as an important part of ones overall wellbeing.



August 19, 2019 by Tim Stevenson   Categories: Aviation Podcasts