Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing with Dr Tim Stevenson

In this podcast I talk with a lovely friend who I wanted to have on my show as he has such a positive outlook on life and brightens any room he is in, with his bright character and his wise words.

Throughout the podcast I will be talking about the “lovely Max” as any time I talk about him to any of our mutual friends it is always “oh yes, lovely Max”

Over the last few years I have got to know Max more and more and started to understand a bit abut how his Buddhist religion and approach to life enables him to bring that brightness and inspire others to think differently.

I hope you find our conversation interesting and useful .

As always “In healthy company” the areas we explore are there to give different perspectives and approaches on how an individual might deal with pressures and strive towards wellness.

However I would urge anyone for whom the pressure is uncomfortable or unbearable to reach out to friends and professional advisers such as your General Practitioner or The Samaritans.



June 10, 2019 by Tim Stevenson   Categories: Mindfulness Podcasts