Perspectives on Health and Wellbeing with Dr Tim Stevenson

In this show you will hear Lewis’ unique story of how he was born with a rare condition, and how he overcame that adversity, physically and mentally to reach his dream of becoming a professional cricketer and performing at the highest level.

It was an absolute pleasure to chat to Lewis, as I have known him and his family since the day he was born!

You will also hear how Lewis had to face an early end to his beloved career in cricket through injury, and how he has used his unstoppable inner strengths to move forward positively into his new career beyond Cricket.

After listening to our conversation I’m sure you will be keen to find out more about Lewis’ amazing personal journey at  and his excellent physical and mental health platform at

As always “In healthy company” the areas we explore are there to give  different perspectives and approaches on how an individual might deal with pressures and strive towards wellness.

However I would urge anyone for whom the pressure is uncomfortable or unbearable to reach out to friends and professional advisers such as your General Practitioner  or The Samaritans.

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June 10, 2019 by Tim Stevenson   Categories: General wellbeing Podcasts